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 that work best for us.he World Series of Poker® is the largest, richest and most prestigious gaming event in the world, having awarded more than $3.29 billion in prize money and the prestigious gold bracelet, globally recognized as the sport’s top prize. Featuring a comprehensive slate of tournaments in every major poker variation, the WSOP is poker’s longest-running tournament in the world, dating back to 1970. In 2019, the event attracted 187,298 entrants from 118 different countries to the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas and awarded more than $293 million in prize money. In addition, the WSOP has formed groundbreaking alliances in broadcasting, digital media and corporate sponsorships, while successfully expanding the brand internationally with the advent of WSOP Europe in 2007 and the WSOP Asia-Pacific in 2013 and the WSOP International Circuit Series in 2015. For more information on the WSOP, please visit www.wsop.com.

VPIP - “Voluntarily Put (Money) In Pot” which shows how often opponents choose to play pots. High frequencies of 40% or higher generally indicate unskilled players.
PFR - “Pre Flop Raise” which tracks how often an opponent chooses to raise before the flop when they do commit money. This stat is used in tandem with VPIP to make educated guesses on what range of hands an opponent is playing when they raise. Low PFR of under 10 along with a high VPIP usually indicates a weak player.
AGG% - “Aggression Frequency” is an indicator of how often an opponent makes aggressive actions versus passive ones after the flop. Passive players generally have an aggression frequency of 30% or lower while aggressive players are usually at 40% or higher.
C-Bet and Fold to C-Bet - These stats tell you how often a player continuation bets and how often they fold to continuation bets after the flop.
There are also literally hundreds of other detailed stats that are usually available to be used in a HUD.

We can also use this when considering value lines. Say we open raise with 77 and a 20/10 3b: 2% FoldvCB: 76% FoldvTurnCB: 33% calls in position and we see a flop of J73. We CB and he calls. The turn comes a 3 and it is our action. We know that he folds to CB’s a decent amount, so when he continues, he does so with a hand that he deems as fairly strong. But we also see that once he calls the CB, he tends not to fold to double barrels. So we can make a largely sized value double barrel, say 85%PSB, in order to max value all the way down. If he had a FoldvTurnCB of 75% then I might make a smaller bet to encourage a wider part of his range to continue, or even go for a CR instead. Again, take lines that are based on more than just his VPIP and PFR.

On the latest episode of the PokerNews Podcast, Sarah Herring, Chad Holloway, and Jeff Platt bring you all the latest news and highlights from the poker world. That includes talking to guest Doug Polk about defeating Daniel Negreanu in their highly-publicized heads-up duel. He shares thoughts on Negreanu’s play and tanking, explains some side action and coaching details, offers a take on how he sees himself as a HUNL player in today’s poker world, and tells listeners what’s next for him. In addition, they interview five-time WSOP Circuit ring winner Scott Stewart about his recent win in the bestbet Jacksonville Winter Open $2,000 Main Event, good for $177,817. Toss in stories about GGPoker applying for a Pennsylvania license, Twitter PokerShares drama between Terrence Chan and Mike “Timex” McDonald, Johnny Oshana winning the MSPT Poker Bowl V, and Sami Kelopuro taking down a hattrick of big buy-in online events in a single day, and it’s another great show of the PokerNews Podcast.

With pokercraft you have your own personal poker tracker, which records all of your wins & loses. Use this poker hand converter to make your hand histories sharable on forums and social media. Include replayer link hide results hide player names. Create animated replays of poker hands you've played online or hands can then be posted anywhere online (on your blog, forums, etc.). Pokerhand.org is the world leading hand history archive site. Have pokertracker 4, but can't. Party poker, pokerstars, ultimate bet, absolute poker, ongame network (bwin. And it's easy too with the hand history replayer. Post, convert & share your poker hand for free! Forum code plain text replayer. If you are looking for poker hand replayer software there are a number of options available. (primarily use a mac but tried universal replayer but can't seem to get it installed on my mac. Poker replayer is a tool for replaying poker hand history files.

Checking out what just happened in a hand and looking at your past games is a great way to get better at poker. Just paste your hand history and we will do the rest. Go to the poker forums and report a bug! Poker replayer is a tool for replaying poker hand history files. This is due to party updating their hand history format some time ago. Use this poker hand converter to make your hand histories sharable on forums and social media. Copy and paste your hand history from one of the online poker site below (english, german, french, russian, and italian. The replayer only works with emailed histories from sit and go tournaments. Been searching for a good hand replayer to keep and organize live hands. Hand histories are transcripts of online other features include a poker hand replayer, rakeback offers and a versatile hand converter. Instant poker hand & session conversion. And it's easy too with the hand history replayer. Works with most poker rooms.

Once you download the app and run it you will have 2 areas to keep an eye on. The live playing and the database side. The stats are displayed in a small pop-up style window right next to each of your opponents. Keep in mind that this area is kind of small so include what you’d like to see in the popups accordingly. PT4 tracks dozens of things so it’s up to your personal preferences what to see data about. Popular stats like preflop, flop, turn and river statistics and blinds, button plays, ins outs are a must but you can add or subtract what to see at your heart’s desire. PT4 is so easy to use and everything is so self-explanatory that we are not sure we need to keep writing! If you encounter any problems or bugs they have a great support team and also a fully functioning and very helpful forum. It is more prudent to use the forum first - pretty much any issue is covered in multiple topics and a fix can be found in no time.

Poker is quickly becoming the most famous card game in the world. There is something about looking another player straight in the face and bluffing your way to the pile of chips in the center of the table. Ask any player if poker is a game of skill or luck and you will get a different answer every time. Live poker is a game that requires not only good card and math skills but also an understanding of the human nature and emotions. Online poker on the other hand feels more robotic and analytical to the layman’s eye. You have your basic setup - a table with players and cards and chips, but there is nothing more available to the gambler to base his decisions upon. No nervous nail baiters, no smiles or ticks or any other dead giveaways of what the opponent is holding. Just the cards and the virtual chips and everyone is on an even playing field.

In PokerTracker 4, check your auto import directory setup by clicking on CONFIGURE from your top menu options. Then click on SITE & IMPORT OPTIONS. Under Poker Network on the left hand side, select iPOKER. Make sure that Get Hands while playing on site is CHECKED. Under Directories Configuration, make sure that the Ignition Card Catcher directory is listed. If you used the default installation directory it will be: C:Program Files (x86)Ace Poker SolutionsIgnition Card CatcherHandhistories. If it’s not there, then click the ADD button, and add: C:Program Files (x86)Ace Poker SolutionsIgnition Card CatcherHandhistories. Click OK and close the Import Configuration screen.5. Load up Ignition / Bodog Poker client and log into your account.6. Once the import folder is properly setup, make sure that the Ignition Card Catcher says STOP CATCHING (this means it’s grabbing hands from ignition and creating hand histories) on the main interface. If it doesn’t for any reason, then click START CATCHING.7. Lastly, from PokerTraker 4 click on PLAY POKER, and GET HANDS WHILE PLAYING.8. Load up some tables and start playing. The HUD will take a hand or two to load from PokerTracker and then the HUD will appear on the tables.

Incorporating a poker Heads Up Display and player statistics into your strategy lets you increase your bb/100 win-rate. You can control more pots, bluff weak players and know when you’re behind on flop, turn or river. We agree it can seem a little scary paying for something you have no clue about, but we honestly recommend anyone who plays cash tables even at the micro-stakes level should get one. In fact, if you’re multi-tabling at Nl25 or above then you practically need one to make real profits. Most poker players actually get stuck at these stakes, because there’s such a steep gap between NL25 and NL100, you need to be far more aggressive and even 4bet regularly at these stakes. We think overall you’ll need to use live tracking software like Hand2Note to do this, and if you’ve watched any training videos from the pros then you’ll see them using this.

But the real power of H2N is the paid plans. For the American/EU rooms the plan is called “Edge” and that is the one with the Range Research, Dynamic HUD and EV analysis. You get so much data with those that it’s honestly overwhelming at first. With PT4 we said their HUD looks a little too basic and needs more add-ons, here the “issue” is quite the opposite - too many stats! Hand2Note is not as easy to use as PT4 and there is a very steep learning curve. Sure, you can just load it up and start using it but you will be missing out on all the special features it comes with. Everything is fully customizable of course and with some practice and following the many tutorials online, on Telegram or on YouTube you can get the hang of it in a couple of days or so. Be prepared to put some time into learning everything to reap the full benefits of Hand2Note, that’s one of the best pieces of advice you can ever get about playing online poker.

Let’s get this out of the way immediately - ranking PT4 on top of Hand2Note (H2N for short) was very very hard! It came down to our liking of paying a one-time instead of monthly and that was about it. Hand2Note is a beast of a poker HUD tracker and if money is not an issue this is the HUD to buy, period! They have a free plan which is very nice and using only that free plan will tremendously improve your game and winnings. But the real beauty is the paid version. Smooth, easy to use, and with much more stats and data than PT4 and Holdem Manager. If you are a serious poker player and are ready to pay $20 or so monthly for the European and American sites - just get it. The dynamic HUD, the decision EV analysis, and the Range Research tools are unparalleled! Hand2Note labeled themselves as the “HUD for professional poker players” and they are not joking. They won’t make you a “pro” overnight but you will see a huge improvement.